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About Longtucky Supply

Hello! I'm Ryan, an avid long range shooter, USPSA shooter, hunter, backpacker, skier, peak bagger, and yellow lab dad. I'm the guy behind Longtucky Supply. I started making gear because I've always found downsides in pieces of gear, and felt I could do it better. Well, here we are. I'm making gear I want to use, and I hope you do too. Take a peek, and know the door is always open for a conversation on how to do something better.

Longtucky Supply is a small batch shop creating nylon goods for shooting sports, precision rifle, and hunting. We're making gear we want to use as avid shooters and hunters, and we're hoping you like what you see.

We're based in Longmont, Colorado with the Rocky Mountains in our backyard. It's a great place to be and isn't too bad for shooting and hunting, either.

We started in 2021 with one person and a sewing machine. We're still one person and a sewing machine, but we're now buying some select inventory from suppliers to help stay in stock. 

We'll eventually get to a place of having inventory all the time, but for now it's a mix of inventory and made to order. We hope you can understand the nature of our business, and be patient as we build your gear!

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